College Student Launches Social Network For Goals

social network for college students to accomplish their goals
A college student is well on his way to creating the next social networking craze, is already on 90 college campuses. The website has one simple mission, to help students complete their goals. The creator is a Towson University student named Steven Weinstein who is hoping that the site will hit a million registered users soon. Weinstein got the idea while in class when a friend told him about her Bucket List.

Students can list their college and life goals and can share it with others. The goals can be rated as top rated or worst rated, and you can join together with others to help accomplish your goals. It's simply a mini social networking site where students can go on and post their goals. For example, you want to go skydiving and you post it as your goal, another user sees the goal and knows a friend who wants to go skydiving also or owns an airplane, they can now like your goal and contact you to organize. This is a great idea because it increases your chances of getting your life goals fulfilled.